Narrow Range Bars

N.R.B. Consolidation

Rule: Enter at the break of NRB consolidation only.

  • Narrow Range Bar Consolidation (NRBC) trading is my main concept and I would say the entire principle of my trading system. It's a theme that is applied to nearly all my trades.

  • NRBC trading it the lowest risk day trading style I found.

  • The NRBC concept will be applied inside of each trade along with other rules and concepts.

As you can see from the below image, entering a trade at the break of a NRBC is clearly a winning method of trading. By combining this technique with a few others to increase the odds I have a low risk winning edge over the market. I will go more into detail on the "The Trades" page but suffice to say, when a green candle overtakes a red candle out of a NRBC area, that is a long entry with a protective stop under the NRBC range and visa versa for a short entry.