Learn for Free

Fast Free way to Learn Day Trading

  1. First learn the basics:

    • Google it and pick a reputable website giving out the free information. Everyone teaches the same candlestick patterns, candlestick reading is the same, support and resistance areas are the same.

    • You DO NOT need to know 50 candle patterns, all the pros use the same basic patterns.

      1. Long: Cup, Cup & Handle, Double Bottom, Pull Back, Breakout.

      2. Short: Inverse Cup, Inverse Cup & Handle, Double Top, Pull back, Breakdown.

    • FORGET Oscillators, RSI, MACD, etc... useless and will increase your learning time. None of the professionals I know use any of that.

    • Read about simple moving averages so you have a general idea what they are.

  2. Get a trading platform (software), paper (fake) account.

    • Think or Swim TD Ameritrade is great to start with, it's free, ask for live data.

  3. Watch and learn everything these top professionals do & take their free trials.

  4. Once you can paper trade profitable weekly for 3 months, go for it. Start with micro trades, 5-10 shares and concentrate on the entry and exit, not the money. If you are still consistent after 3 months, start increasing share size.