Tips Tricks and Observations

  • The only thing I can control in a trade is my risk or call it my loss.

  • To the professional trader making the right decision matters more than winning or losing money.

  • Chasing will kill a trader.

  • Ego, Anger, FOMO, Greed and Fear ruins a trader.

  • Stocks always return to the 20 sma, 50 sma & VWAP use this knowledge to gain an edge over the market.

  • Remember the feeling of losing and use that to enforce discipline on yourself.

  • The market only moves 3 ways, up, down, and sideways. These trends are based on Greed, Fear and Uncertainty.

  • Your winners are hiding in your losers. Find the common denominator in your losses to increase your wins.

  • Mentally add a zero to your profits and losses to make yourself take them seriously.

  • 83% of losing trades are going against the 20 sma.

  • On extremely volatile days trade smaller stocks and slow flat days lager stocks.

  • Healthy moves should not be pulling back and breaking the igniting bar.

  • Premarket support and resistance levels are very important in trading the first 5-30 minutes and beyond.

  • Only trade with the trend of the stock, trading with a matching stock trend and SPY trend greatly improves the odds of winning.